Personal Property Advisory

In regards to personal property stored at Mason, the university has very limited responsibility for damages, stolen, or lost personal property. Personal property are items owned by an individual and brought on campus by faculty, staff, students or visitors. Unless Mason’s negligence was clearly responsible for the loss or damage, our insurance carrier will not pay for repairs or replacement. In many cases, however, the individual’s homeowners or renters insurance may provide coverage for property located outside the residence.

The State’s property insurance will cover loss or damage of personal property only if the faculty/staff person’s position description requires the use of specific personal items as a condition of employment. In this case, the insurance claim will be processed in the same manner as that for university property.

TIPS: Keeping items safe on campus

Don’t leave valuables in plain sight. Personal property such as laptops, tablets, cell phones, and other small electronic items should never be left unattended. Secure items in a locked drawer or office when not in use.

Don’t leave items unattended. Small items such as wallets, purses and keys are common targets of theft. These articles should be kept with you or secured at all times. Keep in mind that leaving items in jackets or backpacks does not make them secure.

Lock up. Offices, labs, and dorm room doors should be locked when the room in not being used.

Get Insurance for your belongings. Check with your homeowner insurance before bringing items on campus. Take pictures and record the items information such as serial numbers and specifications in the event you need to file a claim for loss or damage of your property.

Lock your car. Don’t leave valuables in your vehicle in plain sight. Secure items in a locked trunk and never keep your car unlocked while parked on campus.

When Loss or damage does occur

Report all incidents to Mason Police per University Policy 1404 Reporting Crimes, Accidents, Fires and Other Emergencies.


Direct all questions concerning reimbursement for loss to Operational Risk Management at 703-993-2599 or email