General Liability

General Liability coverage is meant to protect against omissions or acts or negligence for which Mason and/or its employees and agents may be legally liable to pay due to bodily injury or property damage to a third party.  The PLAN provides general liability coverage set forth in Section 2.2-1837 of the CODE OF VIRGINIA for the State, its agencies, and its employees, agents, and volunteers.  The PLAN’s protection covers both general and professional liability, as well as medical malpractice, and includes: preparation of a defense by the State Attorney General’s Office, court costs, and the settlement of the claim.

Who is covered?

The PLAN covers Mason, its Board, officers, employees, students (under certain circumstances) and agents while they are acting within the scope of their employment or authorized assigned duties under the direction of Mason, whether on or off campus.

Note: Mason employees who engage in personal business are NOT covered by the PLAN.

Who is excluded?

Coverage may not be provided to employees or agents of Mason if it is determined that liability was incurred by reason of:

    1. Acts of fraud or dishonesty
    2. Acts of intentional, malicious, or willful and wanton conduct
    3. Criminal Acts
    4. An employee or agent who does not report an incident or fails to cooperate with the defense of a claim may also be excluded from coverage.

What can Mason faculty and staff do to reduce the University’s exposure?

    1. Exercise professional care when planning and executing an event or project.
    2. Anticipate mishaps and take appropriate precautions.
    3. Quickly report any incident to Operational Risk Management.

Notes: Mason employees who engage in personal business enterprises in Mason facilities, are NOT covered by the PLAN. Individuals engaged in such activities are required to purchase general liability insurance naming Mason as an additional insured party and obtain professional liability insurance for themselves.

Medical Malpractice is covered up to the limits established in the Code of Virginia section 8.01-581.15.