Fine Arts

George Mason University (Mason) maintains insurance for its fine arts collections as well as art, artifacts and/or rare books which are loaned to Mason.  In most cases fine arts or other items loaned to Mason that have been taken into care, custody, and control of Mason can be provided with coverage under the PLAN.  Each department is responsible for reporting their inventory of fine arts along with all supporting documentation.

Fine arts include but are not limited to: paintings (oil acrylics, watercolors, pastels, pen and ink etc.), photographs, lithographs, signature works, sculptures (all mediums), historic papers and/or artifacts.

Fine Arts on Loan to Mason:
When departments are in the process of accepting a loan of fine arts on behalf of Mason, a Fine Arts Loan Agreement should be completed when there are no other contracts or agreements that have been presented to Mason.  This form must be returned to the Curator of Collections/Gallery Director at School of Art, MSN 1C3 for review.  The Gallery Director will submit the form to the Office of Risk Management (ORM) after review.  The form must be on file in ORM one (1) week prior to receiving the fine art in order for it to be considered covered under Mason’s insurance.

If the fine art is to be insured by Mason, please complete the Request for Fine Arts Insurance form.  This request should be received by ORM one (1) week prior to receiving the art.  Please fax to 703-993-2339 or send to MSN 6D6.

Upon receipt of items on loan to Mason, an authorized Mason representative must:

  • Personally inspect the item(s)
  • Document the items condition
  • Make the lender aware of any damage found

At the end of the loan period, the processes must be repeated before releasing the item from Mason’s care.  Any damage during the loan period must be reported to the lender and immediately.  ORM should also be notified of any damages by the following below reporting loss to fine arts procedure.

Reporting Loss to Fine Arts:

Loss to fine art must be reported as soon as possible and below documentation forwarded to ORM for processing.  To report fine arts lost, stolen or damaged:

  • Contact University Police (703-993-2810) to report lost, stolen, or vandalized fine arts.  A police report is required and the report number will need to be provided to ORM.
  • Complete a Report of Loss to State Owned Property (Fine Arts) within three (3) workdays of the incident and forward it to the ORM (MSN 6D6 or fax 703-993-2339).
  • Provide proof of original ownership by department: a copy of original purchase order, fixed assets inventory or Fine Arts Loan Agreement to ORM.  This should include all appraisals and documentation.

****Please note, do not discard any items.