Cyber Insurance

Cyber Liability is the risk posed by conducting business over the internet or other networks using electronic storage technology. Cyber Liability includes the risks associated with the use of computer hardware and software systems, the internet, networks, mobile computing services and other electronic information assets. 

George Mason University maintains a Cyber Insurance policy that extends to the university community for cyber liability incidents. Some of the coverage provided by the policy include the following services: 

  • Breach Response Services, including coverage for Cyber Extortion 
  • Computer Security Expert and Legal Services 
  • Notification, Call Center Services and Credit and Identity Theft Monitoring Programs 

Related Policies:

Reporting Electronic Security Incidents, 1305

Responsible Use of Computing, 1301

Reporting an Incident:

Reports of actual or suspected incidents should be reported immediately to ITS Support Center (703)-993-8870. ITS will notify the Operational Risk Management and the incident response team. Timely reporting of incidents is essential for managing a potential breach.

Risk Management will process covered claims with the insurance provider and manage the claim. The insurer provides all crisis management response and consultation services.

If you suspect your laptop or other electronic device has been stolen, please report it immediately to Operational Risk Management (3-2599) and Mason Police (3-2810).

What can you do to help the university identify potential risks/breaches?

Report suspicious emails and suspected security breaches. Your input helps keep your resources, and Mason’s resources, secure.

Do not click on links in emails or provide any personal information if you do not know the sender. THINK BEFORE YOU CLICK!