Driver Awareness Training

The Office of Risk Management has training available for anyone who operates a State-owned, leased or rented vehicle for State business.  The objectives of the course are:

  • to gain knowledge of Federal and State laws as they apply to Mason drivers that drive state-owned vehicles
  • to gain knowledge of safety guidelines for properly operating state-owned vehicles to minimize incidents and accidents
  • to acquire information needed to properly report an incident or accident

Please register for the session that best fits your job as described below:

Academic/Administrative Session: These sessions are designed for drivers that infrequently use state vehicles. For example: Travel during conferences, field trips etc.

Operations Session: These sessions are designed for drivers who operate state vehicles daily, or almost daily, and/or driving is a major part of their job.  For example: Anyone working for the Facilities & Housing Departments and Mason Student Drivers.

If you are unsure which session to register for please contact The Office of Risk Management (703-993-2599).

Space is limited for each session. REGISTER NOW!
Select your preferred date to register. If minimum registration numbers are not met the class may be cancelled. In addition, room location, date and time may change to meet demand. You will be notified via email if your scheduled session has been cancelled or moved. *Please note that if you arrive more than 10 minutes late to the training or depart the training early you will not receive credit for your attendance.

Note: If administrative offices are closed due to a weather related event, training sessions will be cancelled.

Academic/Administrative Sessions:

Operations Sessions:

All drivers who operate any State-owned, leased or rented vehicle should be in compliance with  University Policy 1411, Vehicle Use.  In addition, University Policy 1401 contains information on special training required for the use and operation of 15 passenger vans.

Drivers are encouraged to operate the vehicle within the confines of Facilities Management parking area before taking it onto the road.  Questions regarding the safety or operation of a vehicle should be addressed to the Facilities Management’s Automotive Shop (703-993-2538).