Vehicle Insurance

George Mason University and the Commonwealth of Virginia provide insurance coverage, hereinafter referred to as the PLAN, for authorized persons operating State-owned, rented or leased vehicles used for official university business. The PLAN provides $2,000,000 per occurrence of automobile liability coverage for negligence resulting in bodily injury and property damage to third parties. All drivers operating vehicles for university business must be in compliance with University Policy 1411, Vehicle Use and drivers must cooperate fully in the investigation, defense or settlements of any claim or suit. Failure to cooperate or to comply with Commonwealth travel regulations will constitute a material breach of the PLAN and could result in denial of coverage. Also, individuals will not be covered for acts of intentional, malicious, willful and wanton misconduct, or criminal acts in the use of a vehicle. 

With regards to physical damage coverage, the University maintains a combination insurance/self-insurance program to pay for damages to University owned vehicles. All vehicles with a value of $2,000 and above are insured. The department having responsibility for the vehicle must pay the first $1,000 of loss for each claim. Automobile Liability insurance coverage is provided regardless of the insurable value of the vehicle. 

University Vehicles

Contact ORM to arrange for insurance coverage on newly acquired vehicles. Report any incident or accident involving State owned or leased/rental vehicles used while on University business to the State Police immediately (call University Police if accident occurs on campus) and ORM. An Auto Loss Notice Form must be submitted to ORM within 3 business days of an accident. Occupants’ personal possessions are not covered by this insurance if lost or damaged in State vehicles.

Personal Vehicles

When an employee of the University is driving his or her personal vehicle on University business, the State’s automobile insurance plan applies only after the limits of liability on the employee’s personal auto policy have been exhausted. The Commonwealth’s policy, however, does not apply toward physical damage to personal vehicles. Individuals should have physical damage coverage, such as comprehensive and collision, on their personal vehicles if they want insurance protection for damages they may incur. Details regarding the use of personal vehicle for University business is established in Fiscal Services Travel, Meals and Entertainment Manual.

Rental Vehicles

When an employee of the University is driving a rental vehicle for University business, the University’s automobile insurance coverage applies as primary coverage. The department having responsibility for the vehicle must pay the first $1,000 of loss for each claim under the University’s self-insurance program. 

Rental Insurance (CDW):

Domestic Vehicle Rentals: DO NOT purchase the insurance plan from the car rental agency, the PLAN provides the needed insurance. Costs associated with adding the additional coverage from the rental agency will not be reimbursed.

International Vehicle Rentals: When leasing vehicles in another country it is advisable to purchase liability and physical damage insurance at the time the vehicle is rented. The vehicle insurance cost may be reimbursable on a case-by-case basis depending on the circumstances of the leasing requirements for each foreign country.

Reporting Accidents: