Reporting State & Rental Vehicle Accidents

  • Reporting State & Rental Vehicle Accidents

  • Driver Training

    Driver training is required for anyone who operates a State owned vehicle or rents a vehicle for State business.
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  • Vehicle Forms

  • All accidents with State-Owned and rental vehicles on official business of the university should be reported as follows:

    • Off-campus accidents to the State Police at 703 323-4500.
    • On-campus accidents to the University Police at 703 993-2810.
    • Office of Risk Management (complete a Automobile Loss Notice Form and fax to 703 993-2339).
    • Department Supervisor.
    • Motor pool, if it is a motor pool vehicle, 703 993-2442.

    There is an insurance card located in the glove compartment of every state owned vehicle. If you need an additional card please click  INSURANCE CARD.

    If you have an accident:

    • STOP IMMEDIATELY: Take all necessary precautions to prevent further accidents at the scene.
    • SEND FOR HELP – DO NOT LEAVE: Ask a passing motorist or some other person to contact State Police or call 911.
    • GET THE NAMES OF WITNESSES: Fill out a Automobile Loss Notice Form and notify your supervisor.
    • DO NOT: Make a statement of any kind to anyone other than your employer, a law enforcement officer, or a representative of The Division of Risk Management.

    Claims Administrator Information:   

    Division of Risk Management
    Department of Treasury
    P.O. Box 1879
    Richmond, VA 23218-1879
    Phone (804) 786-3152
    Fax (804) 371-2442