University Property Loss

Contact University Police (703-993-2810) for stolen or vandalized property – a police report will be required to complete a claim with the Office of Risk Management (ORM).  Incident reports are required for damaged property.

Complete a Report of Loss to State Owned Property and an Incident Report immediately and forward it to ORM (MSN 6D6 or fax 703-993-2339).  The following documents are required for processing a claim reimbursement:

  • Copy of Police Report (or report number) and/or incident report.
  • Proof of original ownership by department: copy of original purchase order or copy of fixed assets inventory or memorandum from department head stating that property was located in that department, estimate purchase date, estimate cost, and brief description.
  • Proof of replacement with a copy of the PAID INVOICE (the document must be an “invoice”, purchase orders and packing slips will not suffice).
  • Proof of repair with a copy of the PAID REPAIR BILL. It is necessary that the bill indicate specifically what services were performed and/or what parts were provided. Further, the bill must state the purpose for the work and the item(s) repaired. In the event the bill covers several items, please annotate those portions of the bill applicable to the insurance claim. “For Services Rendered” bills are not acceptable support for a claim.

The documents must be forwarded to ORM (MSN 6D6 or fax 703-993-2339) for processing.  Remember all property loss/damage must be reported.