Mercer Travel Assist Online Portal

Mercer Travel Assist Portal provides information and tools to support travelers before and during their trips abroad. The site contains real-time destination-based health, security and travel related information including:

  • Country and city risk ratings and profiles
  • Health, medical, safety and security reports per locale
  • Consulate contacts
  • Information on business conduct, transportation, holidays, currency exchange rates, etc.
  • New and real time security alerts
  • Travel trips including general, cultural, environmental and financial information

A variety of tools have also been integrated within the portal to minimize inconvenience during trips and support travelers in an emergency. These include:

  • Medical provider search to find hospitals and doctors in a given locale
  • International calling code search and obtain the code to dial from one country to another
  • Emergency number lookup for finding the foreign equivalent of 911
  • Health requirement for your destination and transit points.


Registration Instructions:

Go to and enter the following information:

First time Users:

  1. Username:
  2. Password: mercer
  3. George Mason University email address
  4. First and Last name of traveler
  5. You will receive and email confirmation from AXA Assistance-Webcorp with your customer portal login and password information. Please secure your password for future use.

Returning Users:

  1. Username: George Mason University email address
  2. Password: Use the password that was assigned to you when you initially registered. If you forgot your password, click on “Forgot Password” and you will receive and email from AXA Assistance-Webcorp with a new password.