Mercer Travel Assist Online Portal

Mercer Travel Assist PortalĀ  (AXA Travel Eye) provides information and tools to support travelers before and during their trips abroad. The site contains real-time destination-based health, security and travel related information including:

  • Country and city risk ratings and profiles
  • Health, medical, safety and security reports per locale
  • Consulate contacts
  • Information on business conduct, transportation, holidays, currency exchange rates, etc.
  • New and real time security alerts
  • Travel trips including general, cultural, environmental and financial information

A variety of tools have also been integrated within the portal to minimize inconvenience during trips and support travelers in an emergency. These include:

  • Medical provider search to find hospitals and doctors in a given locale
  • International calling code search and obtain the code to dial from one country to another
  • Emergency number lookup for finding the foreign equivalent of 911
  • Health requirement for your destination and transit points.


Registration Instructions:

Go to and enter the following information:

First Time Users:

  1. Create an account by providing a user name, email and password
  2. Verify the account via the link provided in the registration confirmation email
  3. After verification, you will be redirected to the portal. Log in to the AXA Travel Eye Portal
  4. After creating an account, you can download the Travel Eye by AXA Partners mobile app from the App Store

Returning Users:

  1. Log in with the user name and password you created following the above steps

More information on the creation of a Travel Eye account and Travel Eye’s resources can be found in the following documents.