Its Risky Business Week!

Risky Business Week 2014, November 3rd-7th
Risky Business Week 2014, November 3rd-7th



Effective Risk Management helps protect people, operations, and resources, allowing Mason to meet its mission.

Below are some daily tips from The Office of Risk Management to assist you in managing risk during Risky Business Week.




  • Monday: Risk Management is everyone’s job, all year long. During Risk Management week do your part and get involved.
  • Tuesday: It might be a trick, so don’t be so quick to click. Be aware of Cyber Risk. If you think an email includes a questionable link, please verify with the sender before clicking on the link.
  • Wednesday: Keep an eye on your things, or they might grow wings. Small electronic items should be secured when not in use.
  • Thursday: When the weather is icy, walking can be dicey. Take special care when walking during the winter months as sidewalks and paths can become slippery.
  • Friday: As we advise, get someone and use their eyes. Passengers should be used as spotters anytime backing is necessary.