Is any insurance coverage provided if I am a Mason employee offering a non-academic fitness class, such as yoga, zumba, etc., on campus?

No, Mason employees who engage in personal business enterprises in Mason facilities are NOT covered by Mason’s insurance. Individuals engaged in such activities are required to purchase general liability insurance naming Mason as an additional insured party and obtain professional liability insurance for themselves

Are student organizations covered by the University’s insurance?

No, student organizations are not covered under Mason’s insurance.


What should I know about insurance before signing a contract with an outside entity?

  • Only certain campus officials are authorized to sign contracts on behalf of the University.  Before anything else, consult University Counsel at 703-993-2619.
  • For purchase orders and procurement contracts, boilerplate language specifies the kind of insurance the vendor is to supply. Questions should be directed to the Purchasing Department.
  • For leases or other contracts involving the use of outside property, consult University Counsel at 703-993-2619.

What if my department needs to insure watercraft?

Contact Operational Risk Management prior to putting the watercraft in service.  Be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Appraisal, with value, of watercraft or acquisition cost documents
  • Hull make, size and identification number
  • Hull mooring location

A company/institution is requesting a Certificate of Insurance of Coverage from our department. Where would I get this?

Operational Risk Management (ORM) provides proof of insurance coverage.  Complete the Certificate of Coverage Request and forward the completed form to ORM (MSN 6D6 or email along with any contract or agreement associated with the requests. COI’s cannot be back-dated and are provided to cover only a period of (1) year.

Once we have the request and any contracts or agreement associated with the request, ORM will be able to draw up the certificate; it will be signed and forwarded as specified on the request form.

Are student organizations covered by the University’s insurance?

No, student organizations are not covered under Mason insurance.

If visitors are using our facilities are they covered by the University’s insurance?

No, all vendors, contractors, and other groups using Mason property must show proof of their own insurance.

What is the insurance coverage for missing, stolen, or damaged property owned or leased by the University?

The University insures all the property it owns, on and off campus.  Under certain circumstances it also insures property that departments rent, lease, or borrow.  Property coverage is worldwide and reimbursement is based on the lesser of repair or replacement of covered property damaged by a covered cause of loss/peril. Further, there is a $1,000 deductible per occurrence, paid by the department(s) that suffered the loss. Reimbursement of the excess above the deductible amount occurs after the department has paid for the repair or replacement cost.

Are students covered by insurance while attending Mason?

Students are covered only while participating in an authorized scope of a clinical, internship, externship, or other educational program in order to meet pedagogical requirements.

Who is covered under the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Risk Management Plan?

Faculty, staff, and other agents who are acting within the course and scope of their employment are covered under the Plan.