Covid-19 Event Guidelines

Event Guidelines

Revised September 2021

There are no limits on the number of participants, but organizations must follow event guidelines.  

If you plan an internal seated event, capacity will be reduced by 10 percent to accommodate physical distancing for unvaccinated individuals.

If you plan an external event, event hosts can decide if they want to set aside space to accommodate physical distancing.

All on-campus events must still follow certain requirements:

  1. All events and gatherings managers must request space in compliance with University Policy 1103 (Space Utilization and Scheduling).
  2. Participants must complete Mason COVID Health✓™ and receive a “green light” status on the day of the event. Event organizers must perform a spot check of roughly 20 percent of attendees to verify a green status during check-in.
  3. Entrances and exits must be configured to reduce bottlenecks.
  4. Events cannot be open to the general public. RSVPs are required for all events, and organizers should check in the participants and keep records of attendees/no-shows.
  5. If food is being served, you must follow Mason’s Dining guidelines.